Friday, April 30, 2010

When The RS Stops Bringing Meals, Bombay House Knows Just What I Want




"Hello. Bombay House."

"Yes. I need to order for pick-up."

"Name and telephone number please."

" Courtney, 801-787..."

"What you want to order Courtney?"

"One Chicken Tika Masala, One Vegetable . . ."

" . . . Vegetable Coconut Korma? Yes?"


"What else?"

"Two orders of . . ."

"Samosa? And two orders of Garlic Naan? Yes?"

"Hey. How do you know my order?"

Deep, Indian-accented laugh. Like Punjab on Annie.

"Yes. That is all?"


"25 minutes."


Either Bombay house is now serving ESP with their meals, or we eat there more than I think we do.

If you are in town for Women's Conference, give Bombay House a try. Don't forget the Mango Lassi. Welcome to our town!

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