Tuesday, April 27, 2010

From Heaven to Hell: Five Thoughts About Provo

Here are 5 thoughts I've had about Provo today:

5. I think it is sad that the majority of the student population leaves just when Provo starts to bloom in mid-April. Spring is absolutely stunning in this town, and only those of us year-rounders get to see the whole of it. Not only that, summer in Provo is a riot.

4. On the other-hand I like the feel of student-free traffic and shorter lines at the Rio.

3. Have you seen the tulips at the intersection of Campus Drive and the road that runs by the Marriott Center? Breathtaking I tell you.

2. The view of Timpanogos is never more stunning than in April when the sun sets, painting the snow on the tip of the mountain a glowing orange against a spring sky. Keep your eyes out for it, and think of me fondly.

1. Try the Carne Asada fries at Rancheritos (formerly Betos). You might have to visit your bishop after doing so because you'd be breaking the Word of Wisdom, or Gluttony, but this plate might just be worth a trip to Hell. Fries, guacamole, sour cream, carne, carne, carne and cheese, die and pitchfork.

c jane out.

carne asada fries photo from here.


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