Thursday, March 18, 2010

He Baptized Me 25 Years Ago

This is my oldest brother Steve.
Last month I wrote about my entire family on c jane enjoy it.
Readers wanted to know, "who is Steve?"
because I guess he doesn't get enough coverage on my blogs.

While reading through the comments
I laughed especially hard at one that said:
"Are you trying to hide him? Is he in prison?"
I laughed for a week about that comment.

I found out last week, he wrote it himself.

He is a funny, clever brother
one I have always enjoyed
and loved for his ability to be compassionate
and always affectionate.

He is an offensive coordinator at SUU,
so he lives in St. George with his family.
Coaches are busy people,
we don't see him nearly enough.

Happy Birthday Steve, I love you.

(See you during visiting hours.)