Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Date Night Plans: Communal, The Mortal Fools Project (with a discount off tickets!) and Spark

Dear Neighbors,

I hope you are well.


Tired. I am really tired. My midwife told me to get as much sleep in these next few weeks as possible. I don't always do what I am told (hardly ever, really) but this time I am soaking in this advice. So go out and have some fun for me?

This weekend, do this:

Park your car at the Wells Fargo building. Parking is free, open to the public and you don't have to fight for a spot on the street.

Walk across the street to Communal (make reservations ahead of time) and toast to the Salt Lake Dining Awards Winner for Best Restaurant in Central Utah. Try anything but don't miss the pork belly or the pot roast. Also, if I am not mistaken, the Kershisnik paintings are hanging throughout the dinning room. Don't deny good art and Sunday Dinner, it wouldn't be right.

Take a stroll down the street to the Provo Theater Company.
The Mortal Fools Theater Project--those who brought us the terror of Frankenstein last October--is now showing The Glass Menagerie. This is a deeply emotional and thought-provoking play by Tennessee Williams. I have seen the production and recommend it to you whole-heartedly. It features some of Provo's best actors and is directed by the unfailing David Morgan. I don't think I breathed the entire production, I was entirely captivated. It is worth your time to see Karen Baird fire off Amanda's lines as though they were her own.

On that note, I really love the Provo Theater. I love the intimacy of the theater. I love the layout of the seats. I love that you can slightly hear the buses go by outside, adding ambiance to the play inside. When I look back on the many, many performances I've seen there I don't think I've ever been disappointed. It always seems to have professional acts, steps beyond community theater.

And now for the best news.
c jane readers can get 20% off their tickets by entering Cjaneprovo on the final page before the purchase in the coupon box. This on top of the fact that tickets are already relatively cheap: ten bucks for students, twelve for general public. This deal will run until the play ends, so if you can't go this weekend you've got the next week and weekend to go.

See the Desert News review and synopsis of the play here.

*photo from Project Domestsication

My guess is that after a thought-provoking play you will want to discuss (you will be done by ten o'clock). You are welcome to walk west over to Spark where you can enjoy a non-alcoholic-yet-exciting-in-its-own-way drink at the bar and stay there until you're able to answer this question about the play: who was the hero?

I am the hero of this date night, I know that much.

Let me know how it works out, will you?