Sunday, February 7, 2010

Provo Orem Word Launches

On Saturday afternoon Chup and I headed to Communal for the launch of Provo's newest online literary magazine, Provo Orem Word. Though we were warmly greeted by Colton and Joe, we felt a little out of place as Provo's finest writers and culture pioneers came in through the door. It was as if we were watching the red carpet arrivals in Provo's cultural scene. I was glad to have my husband with me--he who is the real literary maverick in our marriage--because he helped identify some of the big stars. Like the family of the late Eugene England and Bruce & Margaret Young.

And, like the Oscars, it seemed they were all best friends, chums of the page and supporters of the word. I watched them kiss, pat and hug each other as they moved throughout the cozy place. A couple times I introduced myself as a blogger and wondered how that translated in their heads.

A blogger?

Lunch was served on Communal's white plates and bowls. The offerings included grilled sweet cheese, a charcuterie board ( me- "Joe, is that a french word?" Joe-"Sure."), homemade hummus, homemade sausage, homemade grain bread and a pot of cauliflower puree soup. Lunch was warm and perfectly salty, the type you'd eat before a long nap. But not before the panna cota--their signature desert--which Chup enjoys so much he ate mine when I was talking to world-renown photographer Alisia Packard (a friend of mine from PHS).

And I am writing this not to brag about how we went to this event (believe me, we were at the very bottom of the totem pole in this pool) but to claim to those who might think Provo is no place for enlightenment, for culture, for thought or for food that they are very wrong. If anything, we should be proud for where we are now and what can transpire in our future if we collectively support our current offerings: museums, concert halls, music galleries, food, food, food and written word.

Alas, there is one thing Provo doesn't have right now and that is a warm climate. For this I must travel with my family down southward to Arizona. While I am there I won't be here, so I am taking the week off from posting on this blog. However, I leave you with a link to the Provo Orem Word so you'll have plenty to read in the meantime.

Provo Orem Word website, here.
Or become a fan on Facebook, here.

See you next Monday!

-c jane

Thanks to Rebecca Packard and Communal for an enjoyable afternoon!