Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Ellen Switzer Project

Since moving to Retro House
I've had this dream of pairing up with a student to do some cool project. Like renovating my home with a design major or redoing my landscaping with a botany major.

This weekend my dreams came true when I paired up with Ellen, a clothing and textile major who is going to be designing and making some postpartum dresses for me. She came over on Saturday with fabric swatches and sketches of dresses, including one of me holding the baby, with the chief and the cat underfoot.

I am so excited.

In the grand tradition of blogging, I am going to write about this project (now christened the Ellen Switzer Project) on this blog and how it all plays out from patterns to buttons. Maybe I will inspire some of my Provo neighbors find an Ellen of their own.