Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Art of the Matter & Live on Maple Lane

Gritty Pretty's blog is one you will want to bookmark if you live in Provo. She lives a domestic-garden-producing-art-loving lifestyle in one of Provo's historic neighborhoods. You might know her as the mother of Provo's Farmers Market. She is also an unsung hero of downtown.

Gritty wrote a post about these two Don't Mitchell sculptures (above) which have been commissioned to welcome visitors at our FrontRunner station. The city has approved 25% of the funds and Mayor Curtis himself endorses the spending--as he opines on his well-titled post The Art of the Possible. UTA also pledges matching funds.

But it appears that the Daily Herald readers think different. According to a poll readers think they are too expensive.

Too expensive?

Provo, it is time we stop complaining about expenses for culture in our city. We need art, we need architecture, we need good food. Culture is as important to the viability and economical growth of our city as just about anything.

Do you agree?

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Looking to live in Provo?

I've got just the house, cozy, white-brick and red door (on Maple Lane no less) it begs for a family--your family?

Visit here for more details.

Or you can read Azucar's post about the house on The Jet Set.