Friday, December 17, 2010

Provo Tabernacle On Fire

Last night our beloved Provo Tabernacle went up in flames. I am in shock as sure we all are.

Here's a video taken by a woman at the scene last night:

Read ksl's breaking news here.

The roof just collapsed and it's not looking good.

Here are what I believe are the best photos we've seen so far. These are from one of my newest Provoan friends Clarrisa Gonzales from the NuSkin building across the street.

Thanks Clarrisa.

I drove by early this morning and downtown was busy with firefighters, spectators with cameras and people crying.

More photos from Luke Hansen here.

There is now a facebook page set up by the Provo Arts Council Remembering the Tabernacle.

Here's my not-at-all-over-dramatic (gasp!) sound bite from's Community 'heartbroken' piece:

"I'm really hoping that there is some way to save some part of the history of the place," she said. "This morning, when I saw that it was up in flames, I felt a shock like I would if it was a family member. I think that losing the Provo Tabernacle is like losing a prominent member of our society. It's going to be felt far and wide. It's a huge loss."

8:55pm Went to dinner tonight with the family downtown. Flames were still going strong. As were the crowds. We'll see what tomorrow brings...

Thanks Provo Fire for all you are doing!

I am C. Jane Kendrick and it's a sad day in Provo.  
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