Thursday, July 1, 2010

Early Bird at Freedom Days

Freedom Festival Suggestion:

You want to go to Freedom Days downtown right? But the crowds! Oh the crowds! If you aren't careful Freedom Days turns into the same experience as seeing the crown jewels at the Tower of London. Slow moving, often-stopping, annoyingly space-less experience. Piles and piles of people looking for mini donuts, hot potatoes and Texas Twisters. So here is what you do, you go early, right when the booths set up. 5:00 on Friday night. Parking is open and so are the sidewalks. Have a progressive dinner picking out the best of the food booths, sit down and enjoy the entertainment, shop a little for knick knacks and crafty things and religious paintings and when your digestion isn't so fragile, ride a ride or two.

Then, a dozen mini donuts. Happy Freedom Days!

I am c jane and I looove the Fourth of July in Provo!
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