Monday, May 10, 2010

Who Are You Calling Boring?

Last week Chup and I were talking to someone about this Guide to Provo blog. In explaining the point of these postings Chup said, "This is really Courtney's labor of love." And when I heard that I was reminded why I started this whole project in the first place.

Because I love it here.

Though, I understand why Provo isn't ranked high on the Top 100 Fun Cities of America. I can even see why we are ranked DEAD LAST. The enjoyment of this city is not in the overly-manicured golf courses, the megaplexes of amusement or the vast opportunity to imbibe or gamble. The excitement of our town isn't found in being entertained, it is in the relationships that are formed, the families that are raised the traditions that are kept.

Provo is fun because of the little things that add up to an experience. We have our own culture--distinct and rare in this world. You won't find what we have anywhere else. It is a busy town, a safe town, a loud town with quiet neighborhoods.

Plus, it is beautiful.

So maybe we are last on the Most Fun list, at least we are ranked high on the Most Livable. And while I like to visit fun cities, I'd rather live in the livable ones.

Just me?

Look for a renewed effort this week (and the weeks, months to follow) on this blog. Labor of love indeed.

I am c jane and I am your tour guide to Provo.

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