Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Cherry Chocolate Cake to Help Amy

The other day I was sitting at my brother Andrew's house when he says to me,

"I wish you'd blog about my sister-in-law's cherry chocolate cake."

And I said,

"I am sorry?"

Isn't that a random thing to suggest?

Then he said,

"She makes this cherry chocolate cake . . ."

But he never finishes his sentence because suddenly his eyes roll back into is head and he is humming and mmmm-ing, rubbing his belly, his tongue licking his lips like he just landed himself into ecstasy.

I've got to try this cake.

I thought to myself.

And it looks like I will have a chance this weekend. Andrew's sister-in-law Alicia is making her cherry chocolate cake for a bake sale with proceeds going to a bittersweet cause. I am taking from her blog the background story about this fundraiser.

From Alicia:

Help Us Help a Friend

There is an amazing family that lives just down the street from us. The first time I met their mother, Amy, is very fresh in my mind.

We were fairly new to the neighborhood. My daughter was maybe 3 years old and my son was a very young toddler. We were at church in Sacrament meeting, trying to keep the two kids entertained and quiet but feeling very overwhelmed. Amy and her six kids were sitting in the row behind us and she tapped me on the shoulder. Being nice she said, "Your kids are adorable...do you mind if I hold your little guy for a minute?"

Being exhausted I was more than happy to hand Ethan over. She kept him on her lap, with her kids playing with and entertaining him for the entire duration of Sacrament meeting. Yeah...I only had two kids, she had six and she took one of mine because she could see I was feeling overwhelmed at the moment. That is the kind of person Amy is.

I'm not a close friend of Amy's, but I know a lot of people here in Santaquin who are. So many people have been touched by her in one way or another and we have all been devastated with the crushing news her family received just last week.

Amy has been diagnosed with Adenoid Cystic Carcinoma. The doctors stopped counting the lesions on her brain at 33, even though there are more. She has a large tumor on her sacrum and her lungs (site of origin)...it's everywhere. She hasn't been given very good odds of survival, but we're all praying and fasting for a miracle.

Originally Amy was told she only had a few weeks to live. We all fasted and prayed hard over the weekend and the latest news is that with chemo and radiation she could possibly live up to six months. Hopefully after treatment and more prayers her life expectancy will be even longer...miracles happen every day! Prayers and fasting in their family's behalf would be much appreciated.
Also, Amy's friends and family are sponsoring a local Bake/Yard Sale fundraising event this weekend, hoping to raise money to help with the inevitable mountain of medical bills they will have as they fight for more time.

If you would be interested in making a contribution to the family they have a fund set up at Zions Bank (in the name of Amy (Reed) Jackson). If you would be interested in donating something to sale at the fundraiser you can email me at alicialindsay23@hotmail.com. Most of all...if you could spread the word to everyone in the Utah Valley area so we can get a great turnout at the Fundraiser, here are the specifics:

Bake Sale/Yard Sale Fundraiser
for Amy(Reed)Jackson
Friday, April 23 and Saturday April 24
from 8:00am until 3:00pm
at 270 East Main Street
Santaquin, Utah (at EAGALA )
across the street from Subway

It would be so wonderful to be able to help out this amazing family in such a difficult time. Please come out and support them!!!
In the words of Amy herself, "Don't take life for granted. Spend time with loved ones. Let your loved ones know how much you love them and live as everyday is your last. "

My hopes and prayers are with Amy and her family.

First one to buy the cherry chocolate cake wins . . .

I am c jane and I believe Provonians are charitable by nature.

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