Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Reason You Don't Have Time To Read This Blog Today

Hackworth photos

So the other day Justin Hackworth
comes to my house to take some photos. We were in the throes of painting my green living room gold. And Justin walks in and says (about the gold) "Wow gold. Interesting. Now what color are you going to paint it?"

As if the gold were the color we were ridding ourselves of.

And I said, "No, no. This gold is the color we are painting it."

And he says, "Oh. Oh!"


Mr. Hackworth looks around slowly.

"Yeah. Gold." He mumbles.

"What do you think?" I asked him honestly.

"What do I think?" Looking slowly around some more. "What do I think? I think it is my favorite color! Yeah. I like it so much I wish I had a pair of pants in this color! That is what I think!"

That is why I like Justin Hackworth. The man is a joy to be around. I've got more stories to tell too, but you don't have time for those right now.

You don't have time because Justin is selecting his 2010 30 Strangers subjects and you need to enter--no matter where you live. This year's theme is mother/daughter like last year. Go to his blog and get yourself informed and then enter yourself to be photographed by one of Utah's premiere photographers for this charitable project. March 5th is the last day, and time is melting (like Dali) and Justin wants c jane readers to hear of it first. Be quick about it. Let me link you again, here.

p.s. If you had more time I'd tell you about how I was a Stranger last year and how much my mother and I enjoyed our shoot and photographs from the session. And about the pirate joke he told me and about how fun it was going the 30 Strangers soiree and . . . hopefully you are already gone by now.