Monday, February 15, 2010

Just A Little This, Just A Little That

Here are some things you might want to be in the know about:

Look at this, an exhibit at the Provo Library featuring a unique art form: rocks.
Check this out:

44 years of Pietra Dura by Boyd A. Hansen

In 1966 Boyd began teaching a technique called "pietra dura" to the children in his fourth grade classes. "Pietra Dura" is an Italian phrase that means "hard stone" and refers to the technique of creating intricate inlaid pictures from shaped colored stones.

Boyd continued to create pieces of art using this technique for the next 44 years. His most recent piece was completed in 2009 as a gift for a granddaughter. For this exhibit, his artworks were gathered from family members and friends who cherish them as the beautiful works of art they are and also for the hours of patient and meticulous work that he invested in them.

His family is proud to share this exhibit with you and to celebrate Boyd's many talents. He is a builder, a singer, a teacher and an artist. He is currently retired and living in Spring City, Utah with his wife Betty Hansen. His three children, seven grandchildren and 5 great grandchildren hope that he will continue to create what he calls "rock art" for many years to come.

Thanks to Boyd's granddaughter Jenna for the heads up on this cultural event!

With all the many local creative businesses popping up all over it is helpful to hear about a new website called Simply Utah.
Simply Utah is an online directory for all the creative businesses developed in here in our Beehive State. Small businesses from cakes bakers to photography to bead work, whatever it may be Simply Utah will put it all on one spot. The site also highlights local boutiques and shops on a monthly basis.

Go to for a full run down. Personally, I think it's a smart idea these two sisters have put together. But, were you asking my opinion?

Lastly, Kristen from Utah County's United Way emailed me about a possible free tax service for Provo citizens. I am not kidding.
Check this out:

At United Way of Utah County we sponsor a program called VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance). VITA is completely free for those who qualify. The main (and basically only qualification) is that you earn less than $49,000. Many people in Provo and in Utah County fall in that category. VITA is run by IRS certified volunteers and they do their best to get the biggest return for everyone. You can read more about the program at our blog or our website.

Thanks Kristen!