Thursday, March 25, 2010

All The Shooting Laides, Put Your Hands Up!


One of the trends you cannot ignore around the Wasatch Front is a growing population of women who like to take photographs. Some even have their own business, some will shoot for free, and some lather their blog with pictures for posterity/Grandma/Dad on business trips/You get the idea.

Surely you know what I am talking about.

So let's have some fun with this growing population.

I have a fabulous red Jo Tote (a camera bag for ladies) to giveaway to a lucky shooter. Jo Totes are made to house your camera, equipment and (as you can see above) a lovely green apple. Perfect for the serious and the casual photographer.

Here are the rules
(enter in the comments section of this post):

1.) To enter you must live in Utah.

2.) To enter you must be a photographer of the female variety. (Don't be down, boys.)

3.) You must post a link in your comment to a photograph you have taken.

4.) If you have a photography business, feel free to offer discounts to c jane readers while you are at it.

5.) You have until March31 (one week) to enter. We will close comments at midnight.

6.) The winner will be picked by a surprise judge--a fellow female, Utah photographer!

7.) Now I am just trying to get to 10.)

8.) Alright, husbands can enter for wives, but boyfriends can't for girlfriends. (Put a ring on it.)

9.) Feel free to blog about this giveaway on your own blog. I never turn down publicity for this blog.

10.) I made it!

Questions? Email me at

Best of luck ladies!