Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Date Night Plans: Slab Pizza, Thrillionaires Film Noir and Sammy's Drink Menu

This is a date for this Saturday (Jan. 23rd)
and you won't be disappointed with me. I so pledge.

First, go try your hand (belly) at Provo's newest pizza, Slab. I intend to give the place a full-on write-up next week, but until then take my word for it, EAT THIS PIZZA. Just the other night Chup engulfed his cheese and pepperoni (Chup's a traditional guy) while I had delicious dialogue with my Thai Chicken (peanut butter on pizza sprinkled with cilantro, oh died, oh heaven!) And the next day, when I ate it cold? Even better. That is the mark of a good pie. Telling you what Provonians.

It takes about ten minutes to bake (tell Eric Courtney sent you) so give yourself time to sit at the communal-style tables, relax and flirt. Oh I love to flirt. Almost as much as peanut butter on pizza. Please note: the pies are really generous in size, so watch the gluttony.

Here is the address:
(where Dew used to be)
669 East 800 North Provo, UT 84606
(801) 377-3883
Here is the menu.
Here is the about.

After the grub go get yourself to the Covey for the Thrillionaire's Film Noir show. The Thrillionaires are Provo's elite comedy troupe. Singing, dancing, dramatizing 100% improv comedy. As I read on facebook, this show is a favorite among cast members, so if you want to experience the Thrillionaires this is the one for you. Plus, it is cold and inversion-y outside and sledding is dangerous on non-existent snow. SO STAY INSIDE FOR THE HEALTH OF YOUR LUNGS!

(Who stopped praying for moisture by-the-way? Resume! Please.)

Show starts at 8.
Ticket information here.
Three dollars off if you buy online before Saturday!
Facebook page here.

After the show head up Center to Sammy's and get your date an accceptable nightcap (drink, is what I mean).

(Click to pic to enlarge!)

Cupshakes courtesy of The Sweet Tooth Fairy are what I am recommending. But have at it! It is your night!

Sammy's address:
27 N 100 W Provo, UT 84601
Blog here.