Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Sundance Snow Report

Post by Andrew Clark

I think my love for winter began when I first saw Raymond Briggs' Snowman. It's about a little red-headed boy who awakes to find that it had snowed steadily all night. He then builds a snowman who at the strike of midnight comes alive. The two share great adventures together continuing through the night. No words in this story, but great music. A must add to your collection...a Clark favorite.

So how do you chase the winter blues away? I have found that you either have to get away to seek the sun or tackle winter head on. We tackle winter head on by skiing at Provo's gem of a resort Sundance. We love Sundance.I am not talking about stuffy, celebrity Sundance. No, I am talking about green-apple sucker Sundance! The ski year 2010-2011 so far has been nothing less than stellar! November and December brought deep snows and we've played in it ever since. Although Sundance does not have the terrain of a Snowbird or get the inches of Brighton, we love it for its beauty and accessibility. Sundance is our resort choice. That's an easy choice when it is only 13.8 miles from my front door! Lift lines are more than manageable, ski to your ride parking, and there isn't much of the mountain that my kids cannot maneuver. We also love to ride the night! There are no lift lines night skiing at Sundance. Night skiing is a great way to get your small kids started. It is cold but you'll find you have the mountain to yourself.So escape the smoggy valley and come join us at Sundance. The nachos at the top are TDF (to die for)!

Big thanks to C. Jane for letting big brother show off his vid on her blog. No yard sales in my video but great scenery, blue sky and dazzling skiing. My favorite part is when Stelli-Kat burns through the snowboarders. Yo snowboarders move it or lose it!