Wednesday, February 9, 2011

C. Jane's Guide to Valentine Gifts a la Provo

1. Order a custom jewelry box from D & B Woods.
223 W Center St

2. Need something to go in that box? Try petite pearl earrings from Beesley Goldsmith.
They retail for $30, come in vibrant colors and are beautiful on the ears!
Ask for Andrew 801-885-0377.

3. Spoil your love with locally made candy and chocolates from Startups.
I especially love the Opera Bar, the first candy bar ever with a filling.
But I also love the Magnolias--perfume candy.
534 South 100 West

4. Need a little something...a purse...a pillow...a fashionable belt?
Try Cherry Lane Keepsakes boutique.
Have fun treasure hunting!
515 N University Ave

5. Do not forget your moral obligation to buy flowers.
Provo's finest floral shop is The Flower Basket.
(Also a quaint boutique!)
45 North University Avenue

6. Award winning chocolate from Armano Artisian Chocolate.
Provo resident Art Pollard has been all over the world winning contests 
and getting inspiration for recipes for his chocolate.
You can buy some locally in Orem.
(Superb gift for the chocolate hobbyist.)
450 S. 1325 West 

7. Provo couldn't be more proud of Mindy Gledhill's Anchor album.
Completely romantic and fun, perfect for the occasion.
Order here.

AND GUESS WHAT? Mindy's sold out Velour show just got a second take. You can now go to see her at Utah's best music venue in downtown Provo.
See here!

8. Buy a headshot of your honey for $100 with Justin Hackworth.

9.A massage to relax and breathe, the best gift of a Valentine's persuasion.
Gianni International Salon & Day Spa
274 W Center St.

10. You two in water color. You love it?
Commission a personalized print from Provo artist Ashmae.
See here for details.

*magnolia candy bowl photo came from Katy here.