Friday, January 7, 2011

Video: Neon Trees

"Unlikely hub: Who knew that Provo, Utah, has a thriving music scene?" Yesterdays USA Today article on Provo's Neon Trees starts.

Well. I did. We did. Good morning Rest of the World, did you have a nice nap?

True to gracious form, in this article frontman Tyler Glenn is also quoted giving Provo's arts scene a fabulous PR bite, "It's a surprisingly great art scene and there's a friendly competition among bands that helped build our backbone. All of (the band members) are from different places, but met in Utah."

We're blowing kisses back at you guys. Congratulations on the massive success! (Like they're reading this...)

In tribute, here's Neon Tree's newest video 1983:

And here's their Occidental Saloon video shot live at Velour, downtown Provo:

Neon Trees "Animal" from The Occidental Saloon on Vimeo.

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