Thursday, January 6, 2011

Date Night in Provo: Art, Katsu & Opera, a Flavor of Japan

Nothing will spark your senses like this date night. Your winterized soul will thank me.

Friday, January 7th.

6:00 Park your car downtown towards Demae (82 West Center Street) and order yourself anything katsu from their menu.  They are the best in Provo for Japanese soul food. Katsu curry, katsu don, shrimp get the idea. I also like their tempura. See here for an online menu.

6:45 pm Coats on. Walk up to the Covey Center (425 West Center Street). You will start out the night visiting the opening reception for J. Kirk Richards' solo exhibition in the Eccles Gallery. The theme, "Kirk will be displaying about twelve original oil paintings in conjunction with the Lyric Opera ensemble performance of Madame Butterfly." Admire his use of light and brilliance. This is a free event. See here for more details.

7:15  For $6 or $8 you will get tickets to the opera. This month's theme is Puccini Potpourri and includes (I assume) his themes from Madame Butterfly, and another one of my favorite operas of romantic devastation, La Boheme. Show starts at 7:30. See here for your details/tickets.

On your way back home (or wherever you end up) go one block north to Juice n' Java at 280 West 1st North and pick up (in case you don't want to leave your warmish car, the drive through is sorta tricky, but it's there!) two white hot chocolates with nutmeg (a spice used in Japanese curry--just to continue the theme). Sip and discuss the evening.

The rest is up to you. Wink, wink.

This incredible date will cost you around $50.

*Note: My sister Page and her daughter Cynthia were in attendance at last month's Opera at the Covey--Handel's Messiah. They were both entirely entertained, and mentioned that there was only a small crowd. My hope is that in attending these events we are also encouraging them to continue on. Please support our local/downtown arts!

Image of katsu curry from here.

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