Monday, December 6, 2010

For Your Favorite Utah Girl

Did you know the fabulous owner of Darlybird Rachel Schutz lives in Provo? Here are some things I love about Darlybird and Rachel Schutz: EVERYTHING.

If you know someone who loves this great state, and if that is someone on your Christmas shopping list, then I have just the thing for you: Darlybird's Utah-themed earrings. These gold-plated brass Utah earrings are stately (don't buy me a pair, I am wearing some RIGHT NOW!) And who wouldn't want their own Deseret-themed beehive earrings?

You can go here to buy them directly with a 20% discount (enter code: DARLYCJANE) and/or you can enter to win $200 worth of Darly goods by entering in the giveaway on my Dear c jane blog!

Happy shopping Provo/Utah!

I am C. Jane Kendrick and talk about our lovely Deseret. 
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