Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center of Provo--by Andrew

Since 1993 Carmell Clark and Janece Hoopes have been kneading tight muscles, relieving stress tension and calming the human soul at the Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center of Provo. I had the opportunity to have Carmell work on me for a good hour. I am sure Carmell hears it often, the hour goes by too fast. It was a small slice of heaven on earth! The center is clean with soft wood floors and warm painted walls. It is very inviting. Carmell really worked me over with a deep tissue massage. Not really knowing what I was going to get, I was very pleased with Carmell's two strong hands and the hour of me-time I received.

Solving pain and functionality problems is what they specialize in. “I love the response I get from my clients,” said Carmell. “To help people out of pain and discomfort is very rewarding.” Carmell explained to me the real problem-solving aspects of therapeutic massage and how there is always something new to discover. “It doesn't get old,” Carmell explained.

As I lay on the massage table, I couldn't help but be impressed with the great music. Both Carmell and I own Eva Cassidy's Live at Blues Alley. I appreciated the good tunes as it fit and added to the ambiance of the massage. Janece Hoopes has added to her practice hypnotherapy. While it does intrigue me, the thought of being hypnotized gives me the creeps! Janece told me of all the ways hypnotherapy has helped people when other methods will not. Although not for me, I believe it to be a very viable solution.

I was very happy with my hour at the center. Everyone was very comfortable and friendly. When I left, I felt as though I had made some new friends. An embrace is your gift on your way out, a tradition they have started through the years.

I would certainly recommend the Therapeutic Massage & Wellness Center of Provo. Please give them a call. They'd make a wonderful Christmas gift.

238 N. University Ave

I am Courtney Kendrick and yes please to this Christmas gift...and the embrace.