Monday, November 8, 2010

Carpe Cleanem

Chup and his disclaimer here.  Since this is a "Guide to Provo," and since we sometimes run into local businesses with exemplary products or services, it follows that we like to mention them here.  So, if this reads like a plug for a carpet cleaning business; that's because it's a plug for a carpet cleaning business.  

You know how sometimes good things happen because you know someone who knows someone who knows someone?

Well, that's how we got our carpet cleaned.

The carpet was desperately in need of it.  Great carpet, (double-padded actually) it just hadn't been cleaned in...forever.

So, when Ashlee, who does Courtney's hair said that the Shannon's husband (Shannon owns Platinum Studio, the salon where Ashlee works) and his partner Jason (follow that?) had a carpet cleaning business, she jumped at the chance.  Actually turns out that Courtney knew Jason in High School.  But where's the fun in that?

We made an appointment, and Jason and Monte  showed up and got to work.  I was immediately impressed by them both because they 1: seemed like guys I'd want to hang out with --well-spoken, intelligent, handsome, laid-back -- much like myself, and 2: they seemed to know exactly what they were doing.  

I was a little nervous about the deep shag of the carpet. 

"Not a big deal, we just spend a little extra time on it.  And it sheds quite a bit."

I was worried about crazy chemicals and my almost crawling 6 month old.

"We use good old-fashioned steam, and our cleaner consists of all natural enzymes."

I was totally convinced that mysterious stain number 3, a.k.a. "The Stain," would NEVER come out.

"Monte is a bit of a carpet whisperer. And oh yeah, we have one of the most powerful cleaning trucks in Utah."

Like I said.  My kinda guys.

Several weeks later and the carpet still looks and feels clean.  We don't mind sitting or laying on it anymore. Especially since The Stain is gone.

You will want to clean your carpets before the holiday season begins, understood. Then allow us to share this with you:

Through the end of November, mention this post and get 20% off regular price. 

For more info call, email or even text Jason or Monte.  Or both.

J-Mac Carpet Cleaning System - 801.722.5685 - 801.234.0567

THANKS to Jason.

I am Courtney Kendrick and I like double-padded carpet.