Thursday, September 2, 2010

The Evolution of the Downtown Concert Series

Yesterday I got this comment on the previous post:

And I realized I hadn't quite got my Provo readers up-to-date.

I apologize.

So here it is from the beginning.

In the beginning I was asked to sit on a board concerning the cultural arts for downtown. Our mission was to bring more diverse art and culture to our city. We talked a lot in many meetings, then one day I decided to add a couple friends to the board and behold, our talk turned into action.

We decided to create a concert series. On the rooftop at the Provo Town Square--the parking structure behind Central Bank. Awesome, except we had no money--no sponsors.

One day while I was  soaking in the tub I felt really strongly that my main blog ( should sponsor the first ever Rooftop Concert Series. I get my best ideas soaking in the tub (no visuals please).


Then like lightening to our thunder, we were asked if we'd like Idol Alumnus Brooke White to come for first Rooftop Concert. Budding star Benton Paul would open for her. Sounded like a good deal. So we printed out fliers, made posters and started to promote the heck out of this concert:

But weeks after Brooke's manager called to say Brooke was going to take another gig and couldn't go on with ours. She sent this:

It worked out alright because Benton is a veteran performer in his own right, so he vamped up his show, became the headliner and brought on the local favorite Nik Day. So then there was this:

Anyway, Mindy and I are can't wait. I mean, we can wait.


I can never keep up with her snaps.

Come! Bring chairs!

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