Wednesday, July 14, 2010

And we go scoot. Scoot, scoot.

Chup here -

I'll tell ya what. Everyone should have a scooter.

The night before the 4th of July Parade we (the janer and I) had a serendipiterrific evening occurrence.

Got the wee ones in bed, and with family staying with us for the Independence Day festivities (who kindly offered to kiddysit) we got on my motorcycle and went for a ride down the parade route.

It's been tradition for who-knows-how-many-years that the teenage boys in the family spend the night before the parade guarding our spot.

Checking on them was a convenient excuse for our ride.

What we really wanted to do was sup from the spirit of University Ave. the night before the Big Parade.

And boy-howdy. Picture the line for the newest iPhone, the latest xbox/playstation/nintendo game system, and tickets for Bieberpalooza all rolled into one. Then add Freedom, baby.


At a slower than the limit pace down University we witnessed the tents and the tarps and the honking and waving, laughing, cheering, barbequeing with your new friending, outdoor movie watching, all night game of Risk-ing good time.

I'm having trouble picking my cliche here, because it was just so...great. Fun and free and maybe a little irreverent for a Sabbath eve, but So Totally GREAT.

And I don't think it would've happened - scratch that - I don't think it would have felt the way it did...if we'd been in our car.

Actually what happened next, wouldn't have.

When we pulled up to our being-saved spot, who should we see but Cjane's siblings and their spouses; Vance and Page (on their orange scooter,) Andrew and Megan (on their blue scooter,) and Christian and Stephanie (on Christian's motorcycle.) They'd been planning their little ride down the parade route for a week or so.

Casually brushing off the fact that we hadn't been invited, we joined the group for a quick ride down the rest of University, up the hill into Orem and back again. Along the way, we stopped at several family member's houses, pulled up on their front lawns and honked, revved, yelled and whistled.

Tres annoying, but like banging pots and pans on New Year's, wonderful fun and sure to become tradition.

We ended up by Christian and Steph's house, cheeks flushed and hair mussed. Vowing to do it every year (heck, every week!) we parted ways. Back to homes and kids and preparations for the morning.

Cjane and I couldn't stop talking about it the rest of the night.

Next year, you can probably guess what we'll REALLY be looking forward to.

Everybody should have a scooter.

Incidentally, if you're in the market for a scoot, you've surely heard of our friends at The Scooter Lounge. I'm rebuilding my Grandfathers Honda C70 Passport and Dave (the OWNER) has been more than helpful. Actually, I taught his wife's brother in the MTC, so he kind of has to be.
Anyway, they're kicking of their Really Big Sale this weekend. Money to be saved, people.
Dave digs scooters and he's no huckster. When you hear his understated explanation of the market history over the last couple of years and why you'll save hundreds buying a scooter right now, you don't feel pitched. You just believe him.
Go see them on Saturday. They're raffling of Napoleon Dynamite's brother's scooter.

***BONUS*** For the duration of the sale, mention this post and receive a FREE helmet with your purchase of a scooter. Nice.

The Scooter Lounge

600 N State Street in Orem