Monday, July 12, 2010

And Pictures to Prove It

The Fourth of July was so great this year, it has taken me a week to recover.

Yawwwwwn. Rub eyes. Stretch.

Here are some of our favorite pictures from Provo's Grand Parade:

Three Generations of the Sorenson Girls:

Rod Zundel! Rod Zundel! Over here!

I thought this balloon was supposed to be President Obama, no?

Give it on up for our own Timpview Cheerleader, Ms. Lindsay Clark:

My favorite councilperson (sadly, without the Wolverine):

Cool Dude:

My nephew Van people, also great babysitter:

That would be Miss Boot Scootin' Betsy Boodles:

And no, we didn't plan it:

Lastly, please don't feel bad if you're jealous of Ever's Fourth of July get up, it was made out of red, white and blue feathers:

Jealousy is not patriotic.

I am c jane and I want to thank everyone who helped out for the Freedom Festival, it was very entertaining.
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