Sunday, April 4, 2010

A Jo Tote For Carrie From Guest Judge Haley Warner

Our secret judge, Haley Ann Warner, a successful photographer and Provonian (Provoan, Provoite whichever you will) looked at all the links provided in our Jo Tote Giveaway for women behind cameras of Utah. Ladies, you've got talent.

Haley picked this photo above as the winner. The photograph comes to us from Carrie who takes photos of her life daily. This one is little Tagen.

This is what Haley had to say about this photograph:
I love it when I get stuck looking at a photo and can't take my eyes off of it. I love when a photo makes me feel emotion. Photos that are timeless don't require props, perfect lighting or a professional photographer. I love this photo for being simple, timeless and for making me happy.
Congratulations to Carrie! With that baby and a Jo Tote you will be the talk of the state. Wowzers.

Check out the always creative, entertaining (and recent mother of TWINS) Haley here on her blog or here on her website. (I love her weddings the most, dreamy, dreamy.)

Thanks My Friend, Happy Birthday!