Monday, March 8, 2010

Birthday Week Part Two: Dirty Rotten Double Date

Tonight I went on a double date.

It wasn't supposed to be a double date really, it was supposed to be me, Chup, my mom and Lucy. Chup and chicks--if you will. But this afternoon, Lucy opted out because her baby isn't feeling too sharp so Ric her husband asked if he could go in her place.

So double date: me, Chup, Mom and Ric. A little different, the idea of mothers going on dates with son in laws. But this is 2010. Right? Anything goes?

A couple hours before the date was set to begin, Mom called me.

"Ric says he is going to pick me up, like a real date." Which didn't surprise me, Ric is the tender gentlemen. My sister married well. I taught her all she knows.

Our double date went to see my brother Topher's latest play (he directed) Dirty Rotten Scoundrels at the Hale Center Theater. We picked tonight because the cast included our talented/funny friends Brett Merritt, Hailey Jones Smith and our effervescent neighbor the great Natalie Wheeler.

Moments before show time, Topher texted me and asked me to "make sure and laugh."

It wasn't a difficult request to answer.

I mean, everyone laughed. The whole audience. But nobody laughed harder than the man sitting behind me wearing a bow tie. He laughed the hardest and it made me laugh that he was laughing so hard. Men in bow ties make me laugh anyway. But this man was exceptional.

True to my brother's form, the play was fast paced, high energy, littered with inside jokes and easy on the eyes. I think his short attention span makes up for much of his talent. I can tell you this: my brother's plays will never bore you.

After the play we went through the actor's reception line. "You were so great" etc. Kiss, hug, kiss, hug. I nearly pulled Natalie's wig off her head with my excitement. It was a wig, wasn't it?

When it was time to go we asked Mom if we could take her home.

"Yes, Ric. I will go home with these two." Mom informed her date.

"Oh," said Chup to Ric, "date didn't go so well?"

"Guess not. I am going home alone." Ric replied, unlocking his car.

For Dirty Rotten Scoundrels ticket information see here.