Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Week Part Three: How the Girl Scouts Wish Me A Happy Birthday

8:13-I decide for birthday week Girl Scout cookies are on the breakfast menu. Thank you Samoas.

10:02-Visits from Lucy and neighbor Janna. We eat Booty, cheese curd, more Samoas and some wafer-like apricot tasting cookies from China. Don't ask how we came by those cultural treat. Let's just call it a unexpected miracle.

12:03-Ellen shows up for a fitting. She professes undying love for Diet Coke. I profess an undying love for the way her bodice is starting to fit.

12:53-I leave for a date with Ashlee.

1-4- Ashlee waves her magic wand over my hair and instantly my hair color has "depth". Well, not instantly because there was that part I had to sit in a chair with tinfoil curled around my head and receive messages from some distant planet. All while I ingest a sizable contribution of Girl Scout Trefoils.

4:33- Lucy and I take our babies to the park where they discover a cache of pine cones.

4:53- We return home and make pine cone soup.

5-7:40-Is a blur. Something about raisins, sippy refilling and an expired box of Pasta Roni I found in the depths of our food storage. The Chief ate it anyway.

8:00- I meet up with Stacey--a beautiful woman, wife and mother of one--who joined me for Dinner Club at Communal. It was a very pleasurable evening listening to Stacey muse on various topics like, motherhood, blogging and her unbelievable luck at winning contests. She also wore interesting jewelry and dark painted nails. I do love dark painted nails.

Joining us at our table was good friend Nat who brought along a bouquet of friends, while Simy and Gary from UPP and his wife sat nearby. Owners Colton and Joe were more than hospitable and the night was relaxed and pleasurable. And that pork belly . . . well . . .

10:15- I thanked my babysitters, nephews Van, Clark and Matthew who sent me to bed laughing about their overly-obvious observations about our family. As in, "Why don't you have any good food in your house?"

It is a delight to be an aunt to clever human beings.

10:33-One more Samoa before bed never hurt anyone.

(Except it did. I had nightmares all night long, and I am not about to blame the pork belly.)