Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Birthday Week Part Four: Daddy Comes Home, I Am So Glad When

I had a feeling all day yesterday I was going to be surprised sometime this week.

I never feel like I am going to be surprised.

Mostly, because I don't really like being surprised.

But last night I received a call from Chup in Richmond, Virginia. He was scheduled to be gone all week and I was trying to be heroic in not caring about his presence on my birthday. You know, in the grand scheme of things having your husband away for one birthday really doesn't fall under the category "personal tragedy."

"Meeting is canceled. I will be on the first flight home in the morning."

He surprised me.

So I canceled all plans. Chup, The Chief and I spent the day eating Beto's breakfast burritos, Provo Bakery sugar cookies and lounging about as a family. After the best nap I've had in weeks, I awoke to a glittery present on the front room coffee table. It was from my mother.

Two surprises in one day.

I am happy to report, my fear of surprise is dissipating.

One more and I might be totally healed.