Friday, February 26, 2010

Zego the Scar by My Neighbor Will

This is my awesome neighbor Will.

(Of course if he is my neighbor, chances are he is yours too.)

(We're all neighbors in Provo, right?)

The cool thing about Will is that he is writing a book

called Zego the Scar

about a "burly male red squirrel"

named Zego.

Zego lost his parents to Badrang the Tyrant when he was seven

and has since become a very complicated hero.

(The story gets better from there on out . . .)

Why am I telling you this?

Well, Will has asked that his friends support him

--and his journey to authorship--

by spreading the news about his novel's website.

So, I am doing my part.

Dear c jane's Guide to Provo readers,

Please do yourself a favor today

to take time to read about the adventures of Zego
and . . .

  • listen to the soundtrack
  • look at the art gallery (illustrations by Will)
  • browse the Zego the Scar preview
  • and learn more about my friend Will

by clicking