Thursday, January 14, 2010

Karl Tucker

Maybe you've noticed from news sources that Karl Tucker--one of Provo/Orem's finest men and golfer--passed away. I wanted to write a post about Karl and how much he meant to my family, but really my brother Andrew should write it. Or my brother Jesse. Or my Dad. Or even my sister Stephanie. They knew Karl much more intimately than I did.

So I will say this:

My family used to ride Arabian horses with a group of Provo riders. We would ride all over the state and camp at nights. We'd take day trips to mountain passes or deserts. We'd have cook outs and parties and horse-themed socials. There was singing and dancing and doesn't this just sound perfectly Western? It was.

Karl was somewhat the ring-leader of the group. He'd always have a grandchild along to accompany him. He was funny and loud, but sweet and tender. One time I fell off my horse in a muddy spot and Karl was off his horse pronto to pick me back up. He had contagious enthusiasm. We all loved him.

My sister Lucy today reminded me of how Karl would always give us a gentleman's kiss us on the cheek when we'd see him around Provo. To use a horseman's term, men like Karl are a dying breed.

I liked this quote from Lee Benson's article,

"When you think of Karl," said LaVell Edwards. "The first thing that comes to you is a grin."

Well said Coach. I am grinning right now.

Want to read more about Karl Tucker?

I liked this tribute from
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UPP is making our lives so much easier . . .

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