Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kristen & Guy Randle

Hello Provonians,
have you met the Randles?

aren't they perfectly hippie and happy?

If you haven't met them, I would like to introduce you.

Kristen is an award winning young adult author (her Breaking Rank and The Only Alien on the Planet were both ALA Best Books) and Provo blogger in her own right (see this post about her meandering through the Provo's Farmer Market with vivid photos to boot) and Guy is one of Provo's veteran recording studio engineers. Together they have run Rosewood Recording studio for the last 30 years out of their west Provo home. Their client list includes Michael McLean, Afterglow and yes, the Janice Kapp Perry herself.

I have never met the Randles personally, but thanks to their daughter Ginna, I've come to know and appreciate how much they've contributed to the culture of our town. Like Ginna said in an email to me, "They're pretty much pillars of the community."

Thanks for holding us all up Randles!

Nice to meet you.