Sunday, January 3, 2010

Dear Provonians,

It looks like we have a new decade on our hands.
Not only that, but also a new mayor, a new city council and a new Danny Ainge, now is not the time to hide in the shadows of winter-bred inversion. We are just getting hot.

But before all of that, there is this:

Being somewhat of a New Year's Eve Grinch, when the year flipped over I was in bed listening to the glorious fireworks coming from First Night, Provo City-sponsored New Year's Eve party. I could've moved a couple inches and actually looked at the display out my window, but it would've ruined my reputation for not giving much up for a holiday I've never really enjoyed.

Were you at First Night? Did you witness the fireworks? Give a stranger a kiss at midnight? Ride the Ferris wheel? Was there a Ferris wheel? There better have been a Ferris wheel, surely that is where the candy window funds were used?


I also heard much pots-and-pans banging, town crying and watered-down carousing out my bedroom window from students all hopped up on Martinelli's. (I am safely living moments away from the nation's most sober university). For the record, I did celebrate with family at 10:30pm. And yes, there was a bottle of Martinelli's involved as well. Burp.

But back to the new year.

It is also a new year for c jane's Guide to Provo.
I love this blog, I love writing it, I love researching it, I love the tips, I love networking, I love meeting my neighbors. I have a great desire to make this guide more helpful, more exciting (more exciting than being on Studio 5 you ask? Yes, I answer) and more entertaining. I've got lots of ideas, but I'd like to hear from you.

It hopes that you'll post some New Year-inspired suggestions or general feedback about this blog, I am opening the comments to include those non-bloggers who read (not just registered users). Please give me a piece of your mind, unless it is the piece that is all gooey and gray and falls apart in formaldehyde. You can keep that chunk.

c jane

p.s. I will be back on Wednesday with a Thanksgiving Point Giveaway and a new edition of Somebody Actually Lives Here. See if you can sleep tonight knowing all that.

p.p.s. Are you new here? Please introduce yourself!