Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Date Night Plans: Sundance and the Grill Room

Here is a weekend date idea
for you and person you love. I mean, I hope you love them a lot because this date night is on the pricey side. Worth it though.

There might not be a more romantic way of celebrating this winter than taking advantage of Sundance's Night Skiing--new this year. You and your bunny on the slopes. Out in the winter air. Underneath the stars. Breaking for a cup of hot chocolate in the warm lodge. Do you follow me?

Consider getting an early start on the hill at 4:30pm on Friday or Saturday. Ski the evening away until 9:00pm and then hit the Grill Room for some relaxing dinning by the fire.

Chup says don't miss the tortilla soup. I say try the meatloaf and get back to me.

Either way, enjoy the evening. How couldn't you?

Night Skiing info here.
Grill Room info here.