Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Colored Glass Stars

I was surprised by the response I got in my email inbox about yesterday's mention of glass stars. Perhaps not really surprised--because they are gorgeous little things--but pleased.

As I mentioned before, these stars are the creation of Kurt Knudsen, a craftsman/artist and Provo native. If I remember correctly, they were originally made to sell in Sundance.

Kurt and his wife Becky (an artist in her own right) are currently serving an LDS mission in Korea. Obviously he's not in his shop making things out of colored glass and metal. But thanks to a tip from Olivia (Kurt's daughter-in-law), we now know that his daughter (and wonderful human being--might I add) Ashley is carrying on the tradition of star making.

So, this means you can email Ashley at rashreyk @ yahoo.com
or, you can contact Katie D (our crafty cousin--who does fantastic work as well)
at kpow_23 @ yahoo.com
Both ladies live in Provo but will probably ship if needed.
(I'm guessing.)

Thanks Kurt for your genius!

*photo from nie