Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fight It Out! Episode Two: Provo's Best Dry Cleaners

A couple months ago
an email popped up from a Provonian asking about where to take dry cleaning. I thought it was an interesting inquiry because I had recently been abused by the cleaners I was using.

I took in a cotton baby quilt and was charged $20. Then, I became pregnant was too sick to leave the premises of my home (don't laugh--it could happen to you--maybe), when I went to pick up my quilt a couple weeks later, I was told that they had nearly sold it to several desiring costumers (it is a very adorable quilt and it was hung up for all to see). I felt funny about that--could they have called me first? I'd take nothing less than one million dollars.

A week after that, I took in another cotton quilt--only bigger this time and they charged me $12. Is this getting confusing to you too?

So anyway, I didn't know how to answer to this inquiry.

Let's take it to the streets and fight it out.

What is Provo's best dry cleaning company?

*Thanks to Dave LeSue for the Fight It Out banner.