Thursday, December 10, 2009

100 Things To Do In Provo: 80-100

Me, dinning at Rooster


80. Attend a city council meeting (my mother's suggestion).
81. Visit Lady Danburry Tailoring and Design for custom women's clothing.
82. Skip over next door and check out Perfectly Suited by Garth for custom men's suits.
83. Go to a BYU football game.
84. Go to a BYU basketball game.
85. Go to any BYU sporting event.
86. Experiment with Mexican food at El Azteca.
87. Eat a sugar cookie from Provo Bakery.
88. Get your hair cut at Paul Mitchell Hair Academy, rest easy knowing that if they mess up you don't have to pay.
89. Discover the secret ghost town feel to Olmstead--the neighborhood at the mouth of Provo Canyon (North Canyon Hills Road).
90. Order the pot roast at Communal.
91. Golf at Riverside Country Club. (If you are not a member, you can always try East Bay or call my brother Jesse.)
92. Try a slice of bread for $1.00 at Great Harvest Bread co. Smear with butter and honey.
93. Dive right into the Freedom Festival activities--they are going on practically all year.
94. Save your money for Stadium of Fire tickets, just once in your life.
95. Stroll down Lover's Lane with your lover, or roommate.
96. Check out Lion's Park mid-century modern concrete pavillion--installment art in a cool park.
97. Take a friend fishing at Footprinters Park.
98. Get fuel at Will's Pit Stop.
99. Dine at Rooster with chopsticks.
100. Go to a Thrillionaires show.

Alright Provonians, what did I miss?