Thursday, December 10, 2009

100 Things To Do In Provo: 61-79

A family outing on a frozen Utah Lake 2004--water is inches deep


61. Check out your family history at the The Center for Family History and Genealogy on BYU campus.
62. Try the gnocchi at Gloria's Little Italy. (Pink sauce!)
63. Hire Steven Waggoner to paint your portrait al fresco.
64. Try a late night drink at Spark. ("Alcohol free Provonians!")
65. Call Central Bank for "Provo's only official forecast" 801-373-912(whatever number you want).
66. For heaven's sake, eat a Tommy Burger. You aren't a true Provonian until you've had one.
67. Take your children-folk to any of the Programs for Kids at the Provo Library.
68. If during football season, go to a Timpview football game (STATE CHAMPS '09!)
69. If during basketball season, go to a Provo High basketball game (STATE CHAMPS '08!)
70. Try the sweet potato fries at Gurus.
71. Visit Allred's orchards for the state's best fresh produce. Apple cider that can't be beat.
72. Help yourself to a cinnamon roll at Shirley's bakery.
73. Volunteer at Provo's Food and Care Coalition.
74. Observe your experience while shopping at Reams on West Center street.
75. Go to the Provo Towne Centre for DownEast basics kiosk downstairs and a retail store upstairs. Pick up a couple basic t-shirts in solid colors and pair them with flirty dresses. (Or in other words, dress like me!)
76. Compare your shopping experience at Reams with your shopping experience at Allen's on 3rd South.
77. Ogle at the Riverbottom mansions.
78. Take a drive down Osmond Lane-Provo's most famous residencies.
79. Walk on a frozen Utah Lake in the dead of winter.