Sunday, December 6, 2009

100 Things To Do In Provo, 1-20

photo taken on the Despain Trail (see 3)

A lot of emails for this blog come
from tourists to Provo. They want to know what to during their visit to our friendly town. Because of my people pleasing personality (three times fast) I have decided to dedicate this week to writing 100 things to do in Provo.

1. Hike the Y
2. Buy a bag of chocolate covered cinnamon bears from the BYU Bookstore. Eat them.
3. Walk the Despain Trail on the shores of Utah Lake.
4. Eat fish and chips at Ripples, wash down with a limeade--the world's best limeade, to add.
5. Feed the ducks at BYU's botany pond.
6. Tour the Provo Library.
7. After touring the Provo Library walk across the street to the Cherry Lane Boutique and buy something for yourself/the woman in your life.
8. Eat a hotdog at J Dawgs.
9. Get Justin Hackworth to take your photo at some quaint place downtown.
10. Try a vaNIElla cupcake at the Sweet Tooth Fairy. I hope you like frosting.
11. Visit Bridal Veil Falls.
12. Buy something at Trendy Tots in the Riverwoods for the cutest baby you know.
13. Hike up Rock Canyon.
14. Go to a performance at the Covey Center for the Performing Arts.
15. Walk the Bonneville Shoreline Trail from Rock Canyon to Slate Canyon and back.
16. Ice skate a session at the Peaks Arena.
17. Visit the Bean Museum, of course.
18. Try any flavor of BYU ice cream at the Creamery on Ninth--allow me to recommend Cookies and Cream.
19. Drive to the airport road loop. Stop to see cranes, pelicans and geese. Also watch the planes fly over.
20. Roll down the hills with your body or slide on a sled (depending on the season) at Rock Canyon park. (Ice blocks work too--if you don't mind wet bum.)