Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Winner of the Jess Smart Smiley Giveaway!

Goes to Steff who honored Raj from Seven Eleven:

Steff said...

I should say Nienie or Steve Clark, but I'm not going to because that's a given... So I've decided to go with Raj from the 7 eleven store on University and 500 North. He rocks. He remembers names of his frequent customers, has killer hot chocolate (if you throw enough of that flavored syrup in with it), and is there to sell me nasty packaged pasteries at night when the Provo Bakery is closted and can't sell me a good one. I could go on about how my husband took me to meet Raj on our first date, but I won't because my baby is squirting milk out his nose and I better go help suction it out...

Congrats to Steff, winner of two Jess Smart Smiley portraits!

Thanks for your responses, you entertaining Provonians you!