Thursday, October 8, 2009

Provonian: Devon Call

If you come from Provo you likely know the Call family. The Call family, as in Duane and Tamara. I don't go very far anywhere without someone asking me if I know a Call, "You know the Calls?" and I say, "Yes!" Then we talk about how hip the Call family is, how I grew up on their same street, and how we named our first born the same name as a Call boy because we knew it would mean he'd be good looking.

(Because if you don't know, everyone in that family is gorgeous.)

The Calls are always five steps ahead of everyone else in coolness--clothes, music, shoes. Growing up, they had ties to So. Cal and that made them more awesome than regular pioneer stock. Quirky, non-traditional and unorthodox. Never a boring day at the Call house.

(Molly Call, is one of the founders of The Beehive Bazaar.)

To get to the reason why I am writing this post, it is because I was on Devon Call's facebook page the other day and I saw that he had posted, "Missing Provo." Devon was my older brother Andrew's best friend growing up. We all called him Dr. C. Andrew and Devon used to make sure they humiliated me at least once a day. Like if I asked them for a ride to my friend's house they would honk the horn the entire ride up. And I could go on. I really could. But I won't. I could, but I won't. Oh but I could . . .

But even though he was a tease, he had fans all over the town. Girls swooned, boys admired his irreverent mojo, and parents thought him adorable. My family still swaps Devon Call stories. To those of us who know him, he is a Provo Legend.

Devon eventually grew up, married an intelligent, artistic woman and left town for dental school. It is cliche to say, but really, things just haven't been the same in this town since he left. (My pride, for one.)

What I really want to say here is this: Devon, Provo is missing you too.

A funny post about Devon written by Ben Blair (Design Mom Gabby Blair's husband) can be read

Photo from Devon's facebook page.