Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Tour de Provo

Page and Lucy convinced me
to drive around town in Page's van on Tuesday honking and waving for my Dad's campaign. This is something I would've loved to do in high school, but I am turning into a grumpy thirtysomething. Page then promised me she'd feed me lunch before, so I agreed.

We drove to upper Oak Hills, down to 9th east, over on Timpview Drive and down University. We headed west on Center, up to Grandview, stopped at Beelsey's Goldsmith through Bulldog Boulevard and around BYU campus.

Page kept honking.

Lucy kept saying, "That is enough honking!"

Page kept honking anyway.

Betsy slept.

The Chief cried and cried and fell asleep.

Page's Vivian asked if we could stop at Day's Market for cheese sticks.

But Page just kept honking.

I yelled out the window to encourage people to vote for our dad. Only I called him the wrong name. Twice.

(It was nap time.)

Some people honked and waved. Many people gave us crusty looks. And one kid flipped us off.

But Page kept honking.

Did you hear us?