Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Provonian Sloan Robison

Sloan Robison
was always the boy up the street from the most musical family in town. He was in my kindergarten class and I liked his blond hair. Then our dogs Chucka and Tuffy somehow mated. Chucka (our dog) ended up pregnant. One night when the puppies were squirmy and newlyborn Sloan and his family came down to celebrate the event. Sloan and I sat on the carpet, each with a yelping, hair-less, blind puppy in our hands. I had a really hot face, because I was sorta embarrassed about the whole thing. Then I looked over at Sloan and his face was red too. That moment bonded our friendship.

We were born within days of each other, later we shared grade school teachers, music classes and met in the halls of church. There were embarrassing Junior High moments and awkward social outings and when we were 16 we spent our first legal date together. But because of typical growing pains in high school, there was a dramatic change in our relationship. I thought he was too cool for me and it killed me. Mostly because I was prideful. I couldn't even talk to him.

Because he was the boy up the street, we stayed in contact through friends and family post-high school. Then, when I found myself a young divorcee, Sloan rescued me from lonely times. He helped me gain some confidence, took some roadtrips with me and my family and stayed up nights psychoanalyzing the history of our lives. (All of which helped delivered me to the doorstep of a certain hero by the name of Chup.)

Chup wouldn't go with me to my 10 year PHS reunion (didn't want to be visited by the ghost of my high school self--I didn't blame him) so Sloan and I went together. It somehow mended that part of our friendship that didn't endure in high school. We were friends after all.

Years later, Sloan fell in love with Sonna. A graceful, elegant woman with a beautiful singing voice. The day of their wedding they had an intimate brunch for a few family and friends. Chup and I thought it was perfect. I was so happy for them both I cried all day. Not much compares to being so in love yourself, and seeing those around you just as happy.

But, perhaps the best moment of my friendship with Sloan was the day we walked around a wet Wall Street. Under an umbrella, we made our way around the narrow streets as rain poured down the alley ways. By chance we had ended up in New York City at the same time, so we met for lunch.

"I think you should start writing." Sloan told me.

"And you should pursue music." I replied.

Then we talked about getting older, being brave, and having new perspectives.

When I got home from that trip, I started writing. And Sloan chased after Sonna--a world away--and they became a duo, called Tangled.

This weekend they are coming out with their first single, called Make Your Way There. Sloan sent me a link to the video with an email that read,

"we're finally releasing our first single and vid. could it really be true that we spend our lives trying to please the people we went to elementary school with? "

I think he has a point. I will always wish for the day I felt as cool as Sloan. Until then, it made me proud to watch his video and see him doing what he has always wanted to do. If he aimed to please, I was pleased.

If you'd like to see the video you can do so by going to Tangled's facebook page and while you are at it, become a fan (why not? Surely you are a fan now.)

Congrats to Sloan and Sonna!