Friday, September 4, 2009

On the Eve of Cougar Football Season 2009

I went for a walk
around the block today and thought about the Cougar football season. Here we are on the eve of starting a new season and what are we hoping for?

To beat Oklahoma?

To lose to Oklahoma gracefully?

A MWC championship?

A perfect season?

A BSC berth?

I think I've asked too much the previous seasons. I've asked for the golden trophies and the national acclaim. So this year, I am hoping for this:

I want to go to one home game this season. A cool day later in the schedule, a steamy cup of Creamery hot chocolate in my hands. A couple layers of warmth on my body. A seat next to Andrew and Jesse. A nice half time from the band with the Cougarettes dancing to some jazzy music. Popcorn popping in student section. A great view of a colorful Wasatch Front and purple sky. A first have full of Max Hall/Harvey Unga/McKay Jacobson connections. And a second half laced with Jan Jorgensen sacks and interceptions made by an upcoming star. An easy win for an easy afternoon.

Just one.

That is enough for me.


*photo found here.