Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I Got Your Weekend Plans Right Here!

Oh Neighbors.

I can't sleep at night due to the high level of Provo politics on my brain. Last night I sat blinking in bed thinking about all the good we can do together. You and me, east side west side, student, resident. Why am I not running for something?

(I can't resist pulling this little link to connect you with the Preserve Rock Canyon campaign and their endorsement of my dad for mayor. Read about it here. Save Rock Canyon!)

Anyway, I hear you might be going on a date this Friday (September 11th) and so I came up with two options:

Option One: Go get some orange roughie at Magelby's Grill and Oyster Bar. Eat slowly so you can also masticate the breadsticks. (Those breadsticks will served at my funeral--my last gift to mankind.) After dinner, walk over and see the Provo produced movie Broken Hill at Wynnsong next door. Feel good about seeing a romantic and moving, coming-of-age movie while supporting the local movie industry. Head back to Magelby's and get a slice of chocolate cake to go. Drive north a mile or so with your windows down to Ron Last park a small little spot of grass on the river. Eat your cake picnic style on a blanket. Enjoy the stars. The rest of the night is up to you, my friend. Keep it clean.

Option Two:
Around 5:30 head to Pizzeria 712 in Orem for some delicately made designer pizza. Have time to enjoy the meal because a fast-eaten meal leads to date gas, and that is horrible. The worst. Around 6:30ish head south on state street to the Scera Outdoor Shell (bring blankets!) for the Ryan Shupe & the Rubber Band concert benefiting the Now I Can foundation. Feel good that you are supporting children with cerebral palsy. After the concert, hit up Coney's Frozen Custard further south off State. Chup recommends the Cookie Dough. I recommend that Chup is the best and I am sorry you are not going out on a date with him. Oh well.

By all means, pass this free information on to whomever needs a good Friday night. And that is everybody isn't?

Especially me. All this Provo politics is making me dizzy.

Your Cupid-esque Neighbor,
c jane

*photo from here!