Sunday, September 20, 2009

An Evening Trip to Highland

I will not cry while I write this post.

(I will probably cry while I write this post.)

A few months back, in the midst of all the fundraising for my sister, there was an auction for a "One for Me, One for Nie" party donated by Dear Lizzie. The idea was that the winner of the auction would be feted by the magical world of the Dear Lizzie boutique and bistro, while winning a party for my sister as well.

We aren't sure who won the auction, but we love them.

On Saturday night, while the rest of Provo was lamenting the big loss, my sisters and some nieces headed to Highland for our Dear Lizzie party. The entire store was open just to us while we were waited on by owner Laura and her attentive staff.

They fed us dinner--tomato bisque, spinach salad, pesto-turkey hors' d'oeuvres with two cheeses. They presented various sandwiches for the main course washed down by curvy glasses of red and white Dizzy Lizzies (their signature happy beverage.) All dishes were served in antique tea cups and on rose petaled plates. There were balloons and flowers and gift bags and there was a bell we could ring if we wanted more.

But we didn't ring the bell because we were giddy. Down right giddy.

We were stuffed, so Laura suggested we take sometime to walk around the store to find a treasure. With our party came gift certificates in the perfect amount for a personal gift to ourselves. Some picked pearl bracelets, some went with shiny necklaces. Yours truly picked up a Halloween headband and is now counting down the days until the holiday.

Then we were ushered back to the bistro where cookies and cakes awaited us. We were joined by Laura, her daughter, sister and party planner. Laura told us her inspiration behind Dear Lizzie and her passion of womanhood. She said a lot of things I needed to hear and more things that gave me goosebumps. Laura is amazing.

When it was time to say good bye we hugged like long-lost sisters. There will never be enough thank yous. We drove home still under the spell of the whimsical boutique and the spirits that live there.

On drive home, my nieces Emma, Olivia and Emily sat in the back and laughed so hard they could hardly breathe. The night had such a party-effect on them, the world was suddenly happy and humorous. I loved it.

Was it possible for me to have dreamed up the whole evening?

Laura sent me home with an issue of Romantic Homes from May 2009. There, in the features section was Laura and several pages of highlighting her Dear Lizzie. I read the article this afternoon during nap time. As I read, I couldn't believe the luck of having had this experience, but even more so, having this experience so close to home.

Dear Lizzie is open as a boutique, a bistro (with a lunch menu) and will also host your next party if you let them. Baby or bridal showers would be perfect. Or your next family or friend party. Which means you can have the same experience as we did on Saturday night. Laughing certainly included.

Everything you need to know about Dear Lizzie is on their website here.
(You can also shop online.)

P.S. If you do decide to have a party there, will you invite me? I will even wear my Halloween headband. You'll love it.

Thanks to Dear Lizzie and our anonymous benefactor!
We'll be back soon!

*photo from Dear Lizzie website.