Monday, August 3, 2009

The Soelbergs

On Saturday I ran into Shelby Soelberg Russell at the Farmers Market. When I made the discovery that my husband had not yet met Shelby, I stuttered to introduce her properly.

Out of my mouth came, "Her brother Colton is one of the masterminds behind Pizzaria 712." But in walking away (to take her advice on the tapas) I felt like I hadn't done her presentation justice.

Shelby is the owner of Soel Boutique in the Riverwoods, a little spot where you can buy designer clothes and participate in yoga.

(I am the only person in North America who doesn't do yoga.)

Her store is always having events, soirees and swaps. And it is a great place to stroll to
after over-eating at Happy Sumo.
(I over-eat at Happy Sumo.)

Soel is now carrying kitchen appliances perfect for wedding showers, or kitchen remodels.

Meanwhile, Colton and his associates are gracing Provo with their follow up restaurant to Pizzeria 712 (And if you go to P712 in the near future, please order the corn, ricotta and leek soubise pizza and thank me later) a cozy little place called Communal. (Communal eating style is an interesting way to experience eating-out.) You can watch the progression of the restaurant on their blog or drive by at 100 North and University Avenue.

Now that their sign is out in front of the building, it probably means their landlord is okay with me "putting it on my blog." I am so excited, Provonians, so excited.

Thanks Soelberg clan for bringing different looks and tastes to our town.