Thursday, August 20, 2009

Heck Week

(500 west and Center)
I love living in Provo, I really do, but these two weeks (this one and next) are the worst times to be in Provo.

Week One: Education Week. Where everyone descends upon my Creamery on Ninth for ice cream. And people park on my front lawn. And traffic is horrific. It has been known as Hades Week around here, except the hardcore say Hell Week instead. (And then repent, I hope.)

Week Two: Back to BYU. Students suddenly flow back to our roads and rental homes and make a ninth east left turn nearly impossible. It usually takes a week to get used to the major influx of people back in the city, and then it just is what it is.

Maybe some good elected officials can do something about these two weeks of every year. Find out by going to Meet The Candidate nights in your neck of the woods. Here is a letter from Dave Knecht:

Dear friends and neighbors,

The following Meet the Candidates meetings are scheduled.
If you can't make your area meeting, then feel free to attend on another night. If your neighborhood is not listed, feel free to attend any of the events.

Please tell your friends and come listen to the Mayoral Candidates, and in some cases the Council Candidates for the city wide seat. If I can arrange for more neighborhood meetings I will let you know.

Sincerely, Dave Knecht

North East Provo Meet the Candidates meeting.

Tuesday August 25th 6:30 PM at the Edgemont Elementary School
Includes Edgemont, Indian Hills, North Timpview, Rock Canyon and Sherwood Hills neighborhoods.

South West Provo Meet the Candidates meeting.

Wednesday August 26th 6:00 PM at Amelia Airhart Elementary School
Includes Sunset, Provo Bay, and Lakewood neighborhoods.

Central Provo Meet the Candidates meetings.

Franklin, Franklin South Neighborhoods, Dixon and North Park Neighborhoods
Wednesday September 2nd 6:30pm Franklin Elementary School

Joaquin and Maeser Neighborhoods

Thursday September 10th at 7:00pm at Farrer Elementary School

Question for my Neighbors:
How do you survive back-to-back Education Week and Back-to-School traffic?

And also I am thinking . . . did I notice the traffic changes when I lived on the west side? Remind me.