Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Timp West

While in Scottsdale, Chup and I were having dinner with some locals. When asked about our plans for our little vacation, I told them I wanted to take Chup to Frank Lloyd Wright's Taliesin West. My first visit there was life changing in a way I'd like to compose some day.
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They both confessed to never having been to this gem in their backyard desert. I shook my head at them, how could they miss out on such a unique experience?

But in returning back to Utah we flew over Timpanogas and I remembered that I had never been to the Timp Caves, or even hiked one speck of the Timp trail. How can I call myself a Provonian having never been inside the belly of our majestic mountain?

(I've also never ventured south to Moab to see Arches. I've got some exploring to do. Sounds like.)

By the way of a happy ending, one of those locals at dinner generously used well-connected resources and hooked Chup and me up with a personal tour of Taliesin by none other than Mr. Wright's apprentice, Arnold Roy of the Senior Fellowship.

It was like getting a tour of the Timp Caves by a bat.

Speaking of, how can I get connected to that tour?