Thursday, July 2, 2009

c jane's guide to America's Freedom Festival: Part Four

Maybe the best part
of the Freedom Festival would be the fireworks, except since ditching the Stadium of Fire for a night at home, I've yet to find the perfect spot for watching the firework show. I like to feel the fireworks in my chest, and have them echo in my ears, so I've got to be close. Yet, I like to snuggle with my favorite Yankee Doodle Dandy and a crowd kinda ruins the effect.

One year Chup and I drove around the stadium in circles with my mom's convertible top down. Another year we were invited to the BYU football practice field, which was spectacular, but that privilege has come and gone. We tried our rooftop last year, but it was too hard a surface. Why do we have rocks on our roof anyway?

I would just go to the blasted event, but I don't really love ash in my hair either.

Anyone want to divulge their firework watching secret?